Ekeshia Crum

Ekeshia Crum was born and raised in Georgia in a small, quiet country town called Woodbine. To say that she has a heart for children is an understatement, as she is an educator of students with various exceptionalities. Her experience and passion lie mainly with kids with autism, emotional-behavioral challenges, and profound intellectual disabilities. This love as a special education teacher is fueled by her personal journey as a mother of a 13-year-old daughter with cognitive and health challenges caused by epilepsy. She is also the mother of a vibrant 10-year daughter that loves animals and art.

Ekeshia poses a hunger to spread God’s words and His love inside and outside of the church. Especially empowering broken women and witnessing their healing process. She believes that sharing her life experiences and challenges can motivate others to tell their story. Ekeshia led a group of women through community outreach called “Empowered to Live Purposely.”

She believes that everyone can overcome life’s obstacles like depression, frustration, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, and selflessness just to name a few. This path we walk down, called life, can lead us to purpose. Join her as she “travels down the journey of purpose.”

Ekeshia considers her relationship with God through Christ Jesus and her family most important to her. She is a single mother devoted to her two daughters. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, she is serving in ministry in her local community, encouraging and motivating others through God towards their purpose. 

God first began to deal with her on the topic of “purpose” when “God purposed” was her church theme in 2017 at Cultivation Church in Conyers, Ga.






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